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Formerly Gonzaga University Dance Marathon, newly re-branded Zagathon began in 2013 with the hopes of making a small difference for the kids at Sacred Heart. Made up entirely of hardworking volunteer students and staff at Gonzaga, this team is dedicated to making miracles for those who need it most.

Since its humble beginnings raising $6,000, Zagathon ended last year by raising over $76K. Money raised through Miracle Network Dance Marathon programs is typically unrestricted and can be used to help meet the greatest needs at the hospitals. 100% raised from tickets and fundraising goes to the hospital to be used for the kids.

Funds raised through Zagathon are directly used to provide necessary hospital and medical equipment at Sacred Heart such as Vein Finder devices for IV starts and NICU equipment to prevent infant aspiration. This year’s goal of $170,000 hopes to attain enough funds to buy a vital machine for the NICU to ensure that premature infants no longer have to be moved to receive treatment.