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Executive Board

Devrey Martin


"I dance to show the kids at Sacred Heart that they aren’t alone. I want to show the kids and their families that people not only care about the adversities they are facing, but are actually willing to do something about it. For me, Zagathon isn't about the monetary number. It's about bringing together a community and being in solidarity with those who are struggling through some of the hardest times of their lives."

Madelyn Hoban


"I attended Zagathon for my first time freshman year and have been hooked on it ever since! Every year, I love seeing our campus come together to be a part of this cause and it brings me so much joy! My favorite event at GU is definitely Zagathon, because not only is it an epic 8-hour long dance party, but it also such a unique event because it has the ability to bring together people from all sorts of circles across campus and beyond to create awareness, support, and hope for the patients at Sacred Heart, which really is something special!"

Spencer Weiskopf

Dancer Relations Chair

"I was sent to Sacred Heart Hospital in my Freshman year at GU because of a mental health scare. While I was there, I got to see the caring way that the hospital staff treated people in protective care. When I got to see how the hospital staff treated miracle kids the same way while I was at my first Zagathon, I knew it was an organization I had to give back to." 

Lucy Tibbetts

Family Relations Chair

"I wanted to be a part of Zagathon because of the kids and families at Sacred Heart whose stories I've heard over the past two years as a member of morale squad. I've been so inspired by their strength and their determination to find laughter and joy in the worst of times, and I can't wait to help share their stories with all of you!"

Katie Bull

Recruitment Chair

"After being a part of the Morale Squad for last year's Zagathon, I fell in love with the cause, the miracle kids, and the commitment that I saw from my fellow Zags. I want to continue to be involved in dance marathon to see just how big of an impact that Gonzaga can make for our very own "heroes on the hill"."

Allie Avaiusini

Fundraising & Sponsorship Chair

"I dance because I believe that no child should go through this alone. I get out on the dance floor to show the miracle kids that I am with them every step of the way." 

Niall Kelleher

Catering and Special Events Chair

"I am part of Zagathon because when I went to the dance event, it was such an amazing experience and I knew I wanted to be part of the group that helps facilitate it. This is such an amazing organization that I really wanted to help. Being a kid is about having fun and not having to worry about anything. If we can help these kids forget about worrying for one night, it would be worth it." 

MiKealy Thomas

Marketing & graphic design chair

"I am so excited for this opportunity to share the joy that Zagathon brings to the children at Sacred Heart. This is more than just dancing and raising money, Zagathon is about giving the kids a reason to forget all of their struggles and to let them know that they are not fighting this battle alone.  "

Sophie Sands

Operations Chair

"I dance to support all the kids who can’t dance. After seeing the direct impact Zagathon has with the children from Sacred Heart Hospital, I was overcome with joy knowing that my bad dance moves can make the kids laugh."

Brandon Duax

Finance Chair

“I dance because having my own little family member go through everything he went through, I know the struggles these kids face and their families. So I want to be out there with them showing my support and for them to know that I’m right next to them fighting along the way.”

Sarah Danylchuk

Abroad representative Chair

"I am a part of Zagathon because I want to dance for the kids who can't. I became interested in being a part of the Exec team after last year's Zagathon when I saw how many lives are touched by this organization, and I wanted to be a part of getting even more people involved! Catch me spreading lots of Zagathon love from Glasgow, Scotland and where ever else my adventures take me Fall of 2018!"

Abbey Rich

Co-morale Chair

"After becoming apart of Morale Squad this past year, I fell in love with the miracle kids, their stories & the purpose behind Dance Marathon. There's no way you can hear the stories of bravery and resilience that these kids & their families exemplify and not want to stand behind them. Dance Marathon is about turning a story of hardship into a story of healing, and I knew I wanted to be a bigger part of that by being on Exec Board!"

Kelsey Moran

co-morale Chair 

"After having an amazing experience on Morale Squad last year, I knew I wanted to have a bigger role in Zagathon. I first got involved in Zagathon because I was a preemie baby and spent time in the NICU myself. I absolutely love kids, dancing, and Zagathon so much!"

Morale Squad

Morale Squad is our event hype team! If you are interested in applying for Morale, check out the application on Zagtivities.

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