Samantha Karp


"I dance because I believe that every child should have the chance to just be a kid and that no injury, illness, or access to care should ever get in the way of that."


Ian Crawford

Vice President

"My first time dancing when I was a freshman, I danced for all of my friends from high school that I lost from cancer and other illnesses. My friend Andy, who battled brain cancer, left me with an important message. To take action now, because today is the best time to do whatever you want, and dancing was my way of taking action to help the fight for our kids on the hill at Sacred Heart. This year, I dance in solidarity with the amazing stories of our miracle kids and all of the kids that are battling day in, day out, and so that they can one day dance too."


Danielle Del Bene

Hospital Relations Chair

"I moved to Oregon when I was 5 years old and Kendall was my very first friend. We did everything together, even had identical stuffed animals. Kendall was diagnosed with a brain tumor shortly after kindergarten and her family then had to move a couple of hours away. As a kid, it was hard to know that I couldn't be there for her when she needed a friend the most. When I went to visit her, I could no longer recognize my best friend because of the steroid treatments, but knew the same beautiful spirit that I loved about her was still there. Kendall lost her battle in the second grade. I dance for Kendall, and for kids like her who are wholeheartedly fighting their battle everyday."


Matthew Bracken

Co-Operations Chair

"My Why is for the future of all the kids in the hospital. I believe that every single one of them will become influential and amazing people."


Phil WHitney

Co-Operations Chair

"I think my why is a little harder to understand than other people’s. When I was a kid, I was fortunate enough not to see me or someone close to me constantly be hospitalized for terrible health problems. But I have a profound respect and admiration for all of the kids who have to fight for their lives on the hill, and I’m trying to do all I can to make their lives a little easier."

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Sean Price

Marketing & Graphic Design Chair

"I dance for the kids who can't. For the families who have been forced to make a life in a hospital and raise their children in waiting rooms. I dance for those who are no longer with us, and for those that we can save. I dance because I understand, at least a little bit, what those kids are going through. I dance because when I was six years old in a children's hospital after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, it made a world of difference knowing there was somebody out there fighting for me."

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Mckenna Williams

Communications & Social Media Chair

"My why is to dance for the heroes who show me that anything is possible. The kids and families fighting up at Sacred Heart face every single day with an immeasurable strength and a positive attitude. They possess unending love towards everyone and show courage toward everything. I believe we have so much to learn from them in our own lives. If I can simply bring these incredible people a little bit of hope, then that is more than enough of a reason to dance."

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Julianne Taylor

Catering & Special Events Chair

"I dance to give a voice to the voiceless. I dance to give strength to those who are fighting for their lives every single day. I dance for my cousin who, as a child, endured a heart transplant but is now thriving. I dance to bring joy, no matter how fleeting, to the heroes at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital. I dance for the kids."

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Recruitment Chair

"I attended my first Dance Marathon when I toured Gonzaga during my senior year of high school. Before my visit I was undecided about attending Gonzaga, but after attending dance marathon I felt like I was a part of both the zag fam and the Spokane Community. Getting to interact with the miracle kids and families was the most amazing thing and they made me want to do better every day. Ever since that day I have tried my best to do whatever I can for dance marathon and the kids at Sacred heart, so I dance for the kids."