Put your money where the miracles are...

Donating to Zagathon is simple! Whether you are a corporate sponsor or GU student, your donations make a difference. All the funds we raise go directly to Sacred Heart Children's Hospital and are used to improve the lives of children who need it most.

If you feel inclined to donate to our cause, follow the simple steps below!

How to Donate

  1. To start your donation, click here.
  2. Click "donate to this event" from the Donor Drive page.
  3. Choose how you would like to donate (all donations will still go towards the overall Zagathon fundraising total to be donated to Sacred Heart):
    • If you would like to donate to a specific individual or team, type their name in the search box.
    • If you would like to donate to Zagathon as a whole, follow the link "Click here to support Zagathon."
  4. Choose one of the preset donation amounts or customize your own.
  5. If you are a corporation, let us know if you are donating on behalf of a company or if corporate matching is available.
  6. Type in your payment information and click the donate button.
  7. Choose whether your donation will be visible or anonymous, leave a custom message for a dancer, and complete your donation!

Did you know...

  • All donations are tax deductible! Download your receipt at checkout.
  • You can choose to pay the service fee at checkout to ensure all of your donation goes to the kids!
  • You can donate to a dancer to help them reach their individual total or donate to Zagathon as a whole.
  • Our event is completely funded through corporate donors, so 100% of your donations go to Sacred Heart Children's Hospital!

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