Our road to making miracles starts with YOU...

When you sign up for Zagathon, we challenge all of our Miracle-Makers to raise at least $100. This number might seem scary at first, but we are here to show you that fundraising is a piece of cake! 

Here's how you get started...



Step 1: Sign up for Zagathon by following this link! 

Step 2: Register as an individual, join an existing organization, or create your own team to fundraise with!

Step 3: Fill out your information and set a fundraising goal for yourself or your team.

Step 4: Welcome to the team! Use your Donor Drive to collect donations, track your fundraising progress, and personalize your fundraising page!

Your Ultimate Fundraising Guide

Tips and Tricks

  • Share our events and posts on social media
  • Appeal to people's hearts, not their wallets
  • Use visual content such as pictures and videos to connect people to the cause
  • Personalize everything you send out
  • Be genuine
  • Be gracious and send thank you notes to everyone who donated to you!
  • Text your Donor Drive link to friends and family
  • Post your link to social media
  • Reach out to relatives using our email templates
  • Email your professors and invite them to events
  • Show people where their donations go and the impact their money can make

Fundraising Inspiration

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 5.48.13 PM.png

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